How to Use HONOR 200 Pro for the Best Music Experience

With the launch of HONOR 200 Pro, it’s not only a powerhouse for productivity and photography but also excels in delivering an exceptional music experience. Thanks to its advanced audio technologies and user-friendly features, it transforms how you enjoy music on a smartphone. Here’s how to make the most of your HONOR 200 Pro for the best music experience.

1. Leverage the Dual Stereo Speakers

The HONOR 200 Pro comes equipped with dual stereo speakers, which provide a rich and immersive audio experience. Unlike single-speaker setups, dual stereo speakers create a wider soundstage, making your music feel more dynamic and enveloping. To fully appreciate this feature, play your favorite tracks using a high-quality music streaming service, and position the phone on a flat surface to enhance the stereo effect. This setup is perfect for enjoying music at home or sharing tunes with friends.

2. Experience Headphone Spatial Audio

For a truly immersive listening experience, the HONOR 200 Pro offers Headphone Spatial Audio, which creates a three-dimensional sound field around you. When using compatible headphones, this technology simulates the experience of listening to music in a spacious environment, adding depth and clarity to every note. Make sure to enable this feature in your phone’s audio settings and choose headphones that support spatial audio to get the most out of this advanced sound enhancement.

3. Use High-Quality Streaming Services

To take full advantage of the HONOR 200 Pro’s superior audio capabilities, use high-quality streaming services such as Tidal, Apple Music, or Spotify Premium. These platforms offer high-resolution audio tracks that maximize the potential of your phone’s hardware. Set your streaming quality to the highest available option in the app settings to ensure you’re getting the best possible sound. The combination of high-resolution audio and the HONOR 200 Pro’s advanced sound technologies results in an unparalleled music experience.

4. Customize Your Sound with the Equalizer

The HONOR 200 Pro features a built-in equalizer that allows you to customize your audio profile according to your preferences. Whether you prefer deep bass, crisp highs, or a balanced sound, you can adjust the equalizer settings to match your taste. Navigate to the audio settings on your phone and experiment with different presets or create a custom profile. This level of customization ensures that every genre of music sounds just the way you like it.

5. Optimize Battery Life for Extended Listening

With its 5200mAh Silicon-Carbon Battery, the HONOR 200 Pro provides extended battery life, making it ideal for long music listening sessions. To optimize battery usage, enable power-saving modes when listening to music on the go. This can be done by adjusting the power settings and turning off unnecessary features such as Bluetooth or GPS when not in use. Additionally, using wired headphones can also help conserve battery compared to Bluetooth headphones, ensuring you can enjoy your music for longer periods.

6. Manage Your Music Library with Ease

Managing a large music library can be daunting, but the HONOR 200 Pro simplifies this with its intuitive MagicOS 8.0 operating system. Use the built-in music app or download your preferred music management app to organize your tracks efficiently. Create playlists, sort your music by genre or artist, and use the search function to quickly find specific songs. The phone’s ample storage capacity, with options up to 512GB, ensures you have plenty of space to store your entire music collection.


The HONOR 200 Pro is designed to provide an outstanding music experience, thanks to its advanced audio features and user-friendly design. By leveraging the various advanced HONOR 200 Pro features, you can enjoy a rich and immersive sound experience. Additionally, optimizing battery life and managing your music library ensure that your music experience is not only enjoyable but also sustainable.

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