5 Tips for Safely Driving Your Rental Car in Dubai at Night

Nightlife in Dubai has a distinct charm of its own. The city features a number of nighttime attractions like traditional dhow cruises, night scuba diving tours, and some world-class entertainment and fine dining options. If you are not into any such activities, you may simply go for a drive in the city at night. For this, you just need to rent a car in Dubai, and some good company. Night driving also involves some safety measures that are discussed in this article.

5 Ways to Ensure a Safe Journey in Your Rental Car in Dubai

A leisurely night drive in Dubai in your daily, weekly or monthly car rental Dubai is a great way to experience the lit up glow of the city. Some safety factors to keep in mind for night driving in Dubai are discussed below:

Maintain a Decent Speed

When driving at night, maintaining a decent speed is better to be on the safe side. During the night the visibility is quite low and therefore the risk factors are more. In case you are driving in an unfamiliar area, chances of you losing the way increases. For better visibility and safety. Ensure that the car’s headlights and tail are in good condition. Cover your journey with extra care and at a standard speed.

Use Dipper the Right Way

Many drivers are still confused about the usage of primary and dipped beams. While the main beam is to be used when there is no upcoming traffic, the low beam is for the reverse situation. The main beam offers extra light for you to see things clearly. But when another car comes from the opposite side, as a responsible driver you must go for the low beam to make it convenient for the car to pass safely.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

One of the most important things to check after the delivery of your rental car in Dubai is the windshield. Dirty windshields pose serious issues at night, especially if there is lack of proper illumination. An unclear windscreen leads to interruptions in visibility. You have high chances of missing out on people or things on the way at night with a dirty windshield.

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Avoid Using Phone

Regardless of where and when you are driving, using your phone or any gadget is strictly prohibited and risky at the same time. As a driver you are responsible for the lives of other passengers in your car as well as on the road. At night when the visibility itself is low, using your phone can lead to serious threats. Hence, you must keep your phone aside while driving in Dubai both during the day and night.

Be Awake and Alert

Last but not the least, make sure that you don’t doze off by any means while driving at night in Dubai. For this, the passenger on the front seat must equally be alert. If you find yourself sleepy, it is better to step down from the driver’s seat and let someone else drive the car. In case if you are driving alone, you can park the car at a safe place for sometime and get a little rest. By following the tips mentioned above, driving at night can be a fun and safe experience. If you are looking for the best car in Dubai for rent checkout OneClickDrive, a one stop destination for car rental in the UAE.

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