Velocity PM Herbicide Vs. Other Herbicides In Weed Control

There are different types of weeds which can easily become a problem, requiring upkeep of the lawn. For golf courses, sports fields and home lawns, it becomes imperative to select appropriate herbicides to manage these undesirable plants and maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the grass.

Of all the solutions that can be implemented, selective herbicides such as Velocity PM have drawn interest due to their precision of eliminating weeds. This kind of herbicide is particularly designed for the control of certain varieties of weeds without affecting the grass, hence making it popular among different turf managers.

In this article, we will review Velocity PM herbicide, comparing it to other types of herbicides. We will also touch on some guidelines regarding the usage of these products. Knowing such subtleties allow you to maintain the intensity of your turf, while being environmentally friendly.

How Velocity PM Herbicide Works

This herbicide is recognized for its selective activity against poa trivialis and poa annua, which are among the most prevalent weeds in cool-season turfgrasses. Velocity PM has the effect of preventing these types of weeds from growing and competing with the grass. This type of herbicide is absorbed by the weeds through the leaves and roots. It then affects their normal cell processes. In the long run, this results in a decreased weed population in the turf area.

An advantage of the Velocity PM herbicide is its specific action. While most other herbicides work on all kinds of plants, Velocity PM targets only weeds; it causes little or no harm to the grass. This makes it a good option for use in turf management since it allows for good control of the weed population without harming the grass.

Comparison With Other Herbicide Types

Whether to use Velocity PM, a selective type of herbicide, or a general-type herbicide depends on a number of factors. Some of these are the type of weeds that may be in the field, the current state of the turf, and the objectives of the turf management program. The information regarding these factors is important for you, and it will enable you to select the proper herbicide.

Best Practices for Using Herbicides for Weed Control

It is very important to adhere as much as possible to best practices when applying any herbicide, including Velocity PM. These include:

a. Dosage

Apply the right quantity of herbicide as prescribed by the manufacturer’s guide and/or label. Too much application can affect the turf and the surrounding environment, while little application may not address the weeds.

b. Safety

It is important to protect yourself from risks when using herbicides by using the right applicators and by wearing proper attire when applying the herbicide. This will help protect you from any possible adverse effect that may be possible.


Choosing the right herbicide is crucial in the management of weeds within cool-season turfs. There are products like Velocity PM that are formulated to eliminate weeds like poa annua, while not having adverse effects on other desirable grasses. When choosing between two different herbicides, do not forget to take into consideration the type of turf that will be treated, types of weeds and the effects those chemicals will have on your desired plants.

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