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Radiology Tenders Execution In India: An Advancement of Healthcare Industry

Introduction: Science and technology have evolved in the era of artificial intelligence. Over time, medical science and treatment have also improved with innovative technology. Therefore, the demand for advanced treatment is on top nowadays. With the help of advanced treatment, doctors are solving critical diseases easily and quickly. Radiology services are such a piece of advanced equipment in the healthcare industry that has arrived with high demand in the market.  In recent years, India has significantly impacted diagnostic services similar to radiology. This article explores the impact and rising demand for radiology tenders and also focuses on the implementation of CT scan tenders and teleradiology tenders in India.

Yearly Assessment of Radiology Tenders: The yearly analysis of published tenders is a reliable medium for assessing the high demand for tender execution. It provides an overall perspective on the rising demand for implementing those tenders throughout the year. Whereas the accessibility of high-quality radiology services at an affordable cost is a challenging task in a country as diverse and populous as India, here the radiology tenders work as a stimulant to ensure transparency while benefiting patients and healthcare providers. 200 tenders were advertised in India in 2023, for implementing radiology tenders, CT scans, and teleradiology tenders. Among those 200 tenders, West Bengal became the topper with 44 tenders, followed by Maharashtra with 22 and Uttar Pradesh with 17. These tenders were executed by 84 agencies that took charge of executing them across various provinces in India. The Health and Family Welfare Department stole the first position by announcing 36 radiology tenders, while other agencies declared the rest.

Radiology tenders related to supply and installation: Out of 200 tenders, 19 were released for the supply and installation of equipment related to radiology services last year. For instance, the Health and Family Welfare Department in Assam released tender notices regarding the supply of radio diagnostics and interventional items on a rate contract basis for Jorhat Medical College and Hospital in Jorhat, Assam, and the supply, installation, and commissioning of 128 CT Scan Machines at AMCH, Dibrugarh. Again, Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited also invited a tender notice related to the supply and installation of teleradiology equipment. The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in Karnataka advertised a bid notice related to the one-time repair of the Optima 580 CT Scan Machine as per the scope of the workplace and power supply assembly.

Radiology tenders for outsourcing:  15 tenders, among 200 published tenders, were announced for the outsourcing of radiology services. The Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Delhi issued tender notices regarding the outsourcing of CT scan services for emergency cases. The Directorate of Health Services, Mumbai, also notified tenders related to the appointment of a service provider for outsourcing CT scan services in PPP mode for different regions such as Nashik, Thane, and Nagpur. Also, they invited tenders for the appointment of a service provider for the outsourcing of 1.5 Tesla MRI services in PPP mode. Whereas, the National Health Mission of Assam issued a tender regarding the outsourcing of image transmission and reporting of radiology images. 

Radiology Tenders for Maintenance Purpose: For maintaining radiology service-related machines such as X-ray machines, CT scans, MRI machines, etc., 24 bids were issued last year. For example, the Indian Bureau of Mines in Maharashtra advertised a tender that stated the annual maintenance contract for an X-ray diffractometer. Karnataka Medical Education released a tender for the development, operation, maintenance, and management of a PET CT scanner on the PPP model at PCC Kalburgi. Besides, the Dr. S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, issued a tender notice regarding the turnkey project for the supply, installation, operation, & maintenance of a CT scan system, along with providing various treatments and services, on a revenue-sharing basis in PPP mode at Mathura Das Mathur Hospital in Jodhpur. The Haryana Board Corporation also published a tender related to the request for proposals for the development, operation, and maintenance of radiology imaging diagnostic centers for CT and MRI in selected civil hospitals in Haryana on a public-private partnership basis.

Radiology tenders for repair: In 2023, only 7 tenders were released for the repair services of radiology service-related instruments. For instance, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh both issued tender notices regarding the one-time repair & supply of table power supply assemblies of 24V and 27V for the Optima 580 CT Scan machines as per the scope of work. The Uttar Pradesh Military Engineer Services published a tender notice inviting the repair and replacement of the AMC CT Scan machine.

Contract Value for Radiology Tenders: The estimated budget for each tender shows the amount spent by the organization on executing those tenders. Not every agency forecasts the contract value while publishing the tender notices. However, a few agencies showcase the budget estimation when announcing the tenders. For illustration, the Madhya Pradesh Department of Health Research announced a bid notice with an estimated budget of Rs. 20 lakhs for the teleradiology service for reporting CT scans and SNA MRIs on a yearly rate contract basis. The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra issued a tender for the selection of an operator for the purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance of a new 128 SLICE CT scan machine at the CT scan center in YCM Hospital at a budget of Rs. 7.42 crore. The Haryana Board Corporation also released a bid notice regarding the request for proposals for the development, operation, and maintenance of radiology imaging diagnostic centers for CT and MRI in selected civil hospitals in Haryana on a public-private partnership basis at Rs. 26 crore. It can be seen that the contract value range was between lakhs and crores for the advertised tenders.

Live Tender Analysis: As of May 12, 2024, 5 live tenders were issued for open bidding of radiology services tenders. Out of these five live tenders, five states—Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh—issued 1 each.

Conclusion: This article explores the various radiology services provided in India in multiple healthcare sectors. It also examines the rapid growth and rising demand for implementing radiology service tenders across the diverse provinces in India last year. So, in the end, it can be concluded with the statement that addressing the impacts of radiology services, CT scans, and teleradiology services in the era of emerging technological advancement in the healthcare sector and implementing radiology tenders can enhance the nation’s healthcare infrastructure as well as improve the health outcomes for all citizens.

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