Legal advice at an affordable price: Immigration lawyer in Turkey 

Our immigration lawyers Istanbul, Turkey, vary the legal options for foreign nationals willing to move here. A clear vision of the conditions and regulations of Turkish immigration guarantees that one can do it rightly and miss no opportunities to apply for a visa. You are welcome to join us in a conversation with our specialists to enquire more about how to get a Turkish Visa or a Work Permit. When you need to, we can assist you in relocating to Turkey. 

In this regard, how should a Turkish visa application be filed? 

The e-visa can be quickly submitted online by all the foreigners who desire to visit or live in Turkey. This stands for the brand new travel authorization with a validity of 90 days that is prone to the extension. Compared to the previous practice, when the Turkish Boarders officials placed the visa stamp at the time of arrival to the country, nowadays, such a process is already not accessible, as the e-visa has been implemented. Here are other types of visas you can obtain in Turkey:

  • Student visas. 
  • Visas for business purposes. 
  • Visas for sportive activities. 
  • Visas for official visits. 
  • Visas for single transits. 
  • Visas for documentary purposes. 
  • Visas for medical treatments. 
  • Seafarer visas. 

For more inquiries about obtaining a Turkish visa, consult our Turkish immigration lawyer. We can also legally support foreigners if they plan to transfer to Turkey. 

What do you have to do to get a work permit in Turkey? 

The work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor in Turkey, following a series of rules in terms of documents and more:

  • An appropriate passport and an application for a work permit are required, as well as a few significant documents. 
  • It would help if you demanded that the company you work for draw up an employment contract that will be given to you as a copy.
  • The work permit application should be lodged as soon as possible, which takes around 30 days to issue. 
  • In the meantime, a person can simultaneously apply for a resident permit. 

The regulation on immigration calling for the work permit is one of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security responsible for applying for the license. Our immigration lawyer in Turkey will explain everything to you. You will see that issuing a work permit in Turkey is just a matter of paperwork. 

The longest part of the application is being issued. 

The work and residence permit may be issued simultaneously, or the work permit can be issued first, followed by the residence permit. Apart from the passport and the photos that have to be taken by the authorities, you have to show some bank statements to prove that you have at least $300 per month, which is income for the whole stay in Turkey. The duration of stay in Turkey influences residential permit types, which can be issued for short or long periods. A hotel accommodation research in Turkey and a request for health insurance for a residence permit application are demanded. It should be pointed out that by law, the Turkish authority is entitled to verify whether the applicants have any criminal records. If the past involvement of the applicants has anything to do with criminal offences, the application for a residence permit might be declined. You can chat with Immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey, and they will tell you about Turkish residence permits. 

The process of relocating the business to Turkey. 

For firms to relocate to Turkey, businesspersons must go through specific steps, and the first step comprises deregistering the company from the country of origin before relocation. It is proposed that all business transactions corresponding to a displacement of the company (exchange, transfer, sale) from Turkey be incorporated into a statement of relocation. This statement needs to be signed with the involvement of owners, administrators and directors.

It is worth remembering that permits can be obtained faster if company relocation is included. You may visit our relocation immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey, to get the legal and helpful advice you need to reallocate a company. They can handle all the formalities you might need and help you move to Turkey. 

Foreigners seeking residence rights in Turkey can appeal to our Turkish lawyers. If you can show an authentic passport, health insurance, and proof of the new residence, a temporary one good for two years will be issued. In addition, we emphasize that the executive would be requesting criminal Records clearance while applying for this document. So, we cordially invite you to discuss this with our consultants and discover all the facts you are interested in. 

Making investments in Turkey 

A foreign investor’s decision to either shift a business or start a new one from scratch in Turkey is a notable decision that will benefit the investor from two continents. The benefits represented by the Turkish Investment regime would be significantly determined by a skilled and experienced workforce, an outstanding system of transportation and logistics, plus the motivation inducted by the Turkish government. You can also find helpful the following facts and figures about the economy and business in Turkey:

  • In 2019, Turkey’s FDI stock was approximately USD 165 billion. 
  • The finance and insurance sector, which received around 16% of the total FDI stock, also comprises Turkey’s most significant share of the FDI. The same also applies to the field of wholesale and retail trade. 

According to the 2020 Doing Business report from the World Bank, Turkey is ranked 33rd out of 190 economies worldwide. If you are interested in relocating to Turkey, contact our Immigration lawyer in Istanbul and immediately grab the opportunity!

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